• Great Sandal- Bought a pair at a street fair a long time ago. Sandals must have lasted 10-15 years with hard use. Lost track of where I got them until I found the old brochure. Glad to be a customer again.
    Spencer S. - Anaheim, California

  • Thank you for the sandals. I received them in plenty of time for my trip to Italy.  Your customer service is exemplary. Can't wait to see you at the next fair.

    Frauline N. - Sacramento, California

  • I LOVE YOUR SANDALS!! Please send an extra order form. I want to get another pair for myself and a pair for my mom for Mother's Day.   

    Lisa C. - Rosamond, California

  • I bought 4 pairs of your sandals for my family in 1998 and we've absolutely loved them. I am so glad you are still making sandals. These are the best!

    Frances J.  - Los Angeles, California

  • I am wearing my sandals and pleased you were able to get them done so quickly. I come from a long line of Maine shoemakers and have an enormous respect for the craft and shoes are a passion. You are an amazing man Mr. Risler. I will be flip flopping down the halls of Cedars next week and my feet thank you.

    Julie A.  Bangor, Maine

  • Just wanted to thank you for getting sandals to me so punctually. I am ready for any summer we may have in England. I have tried them both and they fit fine.

    John R. - Glouchester, England

  • I bought a pair of your sandals some years ago.  I have worn these shoes for almost six years. I wore them all through the Peace Corps in West Africa.

    Leyla K. - New York, NY

  • About ten years ago, I bought the style # 85. I am still wearing them and they are the most comfortable sandals I have ever worn. I would buy another pair if these ever wore out. But they look like they will last for years to come. You'd have more repeat customers if your sandals wore out. Talk about craftsmanship.

    Sandra F. - Pasadena, California

  • I just got the sandals and when I put them on I heard my feet sigh in pleasure. Truly, I have never put anything on my feet that have instantly  felt this comfortable  and this "right".   Thank-you for the fine work that you do. I suspect I will be ordering more and will be recommending them to friends.   

    Rae B. - Beaver Dam, WI

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