Frequently Asked Questions

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Where is Lucerne Valley, California?

Lucerne Valley is a small town half way between Los Angeles and Las Vegas. It is east of Apple Valley and 18 miles north of Big Bear Lake.

Do you resole?

Yes. When I resole sandals I replace both the sole, the arch and the cushion.  I also oil the upper leather. Generally it is worth a resole if the upper leather is in good condition. If there are large cracks in the upper leather,  you need a new pair. Lexol is a good conditioner and will help the leather last longer.

Since I do all work myself and I am often gone to a show you should send in resoles at the end of the year! What may take only a couple days in October may take 6 weeks in June.

Sorry, but I don't resole sandals I didn't make.

What colors do you make?

I offer black or brown leather.  In style #1, #41, and #71 I can use a white strap that I buy from a shoe company, however it is not as sturdy as the black or brown leather, and is not recommended for water wear.

I am often asked for the color of brown on the display table. This is the regular brown but has been aged by the sun, turning it a mellow used look. Your new pair will soon take on this look.

Which strap adjusts?

Styles #31, #41, and #71, have fully adjustable straps that run through the sole. Look next to the strap where it comes out of the sole. If you see a small brass nail the strap is anchored there.  If there is no brass nail the strap will pull through there.  You must pull hard, to slide the strap.  If I make the straps too easy to slide they will move as you walk. To move them back pull on the other end of the strap.  Any questions,  please phone and I will explain in more detail.

Will they stretch?

Yes they will, however I do stretch all straps before installing them into the sandal.  When you purchase your sandals, you should get a snug pair.  I do make widths, both narrow and wide as well as custom.

Can they get wet?

Yes. I wear mine while launching my boat. If you get them wet often LEXOL or any good leather conditioner will make them last longer.

Which is better leather or cushion sole?

All my sandals have leather upper soles. The bottom sole can be either leather or cushion sole. I prefer the cushion sole. It is lighter in weight, has much better traction on wet surfaces, has longer wear and is less expensive. The leather sole is thinner and slides better for dancing.

Can you fix dog damage (chews)?

Usually. If the sandal is a few years old,  the color may be difficult to match. Show or send them to me for a price quote.  I don’t charge much.  I treat this type of repair as a courtesy.

When is the best time of year for special order & resoles?

Since I do all work myself ( regardless of what my sons may think) and am often away at shows in the spring and summer.  It is best to send resoles and custom orders in the fall and winter.  You will get them back much sooner  and won’t be without them in the hot months.  A backup pair is also a good idea!!

Can you put a lift on one side?

Yes. The current charge is $15. You tell me which side, how high, and if you want full length or 3/4 length.

Can you add heels?

On leather soled sandals I add a small heel. For the cushion sole I can add wedges between the cushion and the sole. I charge $15 for up to 1/2” and $30 for up to 1”. I don’t recommend over 1”.