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Hand-Crafted Leather Sandals
Lee Risler

Since 1963

Sandal Style #1
Sandal Style #31

By Lee Risler

P.O. Box 763
Lucerne Valley,  CA 92356
(760) 248-7195


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Sandal Style #11
Sandal Style #41
Sandal Style #85
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Sandal Style #111

Lee's Story Angels in Hard Hats
(Lee's Amazing Survival Story)


The next generation

Rhett, Jessica and Aydin Risler


Hello to all. As you all very well know, Pops has officially retired and the next generation has taken center stage. Rhett, the 2nd oldest son to Lee Risler has now, with his wife Jessica and son Aydin, taken over the art of sandal making! Rhett took his wife in 2004, and following his wedding began the process of buying the family business. As of 2014, we are the proud owners. We worked for over 8 years training and learning the ropes. Nothing has really changed except the direction of the paychecks! (Lee works for us now). Together with Lee by our side, we look forward to a lifetime of making people’s feet happy, and to meeting all of our faithful customers, keeping the pride of our product and the standards that accompany it.